123 Numbers and Sheep

In human history the most succesful method to fall asleep was counting sheep. Then fluffy beds came and math was made for numbers. We thought we’d give the sheep another chance!
The small ones will learn the numbers from 1 to 99, how to read, to write and to order them in a fun game, even for the sulky ones! At this moment we have 3 fun levels of math:

The Wonderful Pasture

Each sheep has a specific menu and every dish a certain number. Who knows how to read and match them? Maybe your kids?

The Little Stable

The sheep won’t sleep until they find their dream pair. The small ones will memorize the numbers and match them: the little bleatings will be able to fall asleep.

The Cattle Drive

No sheep story would be perfect without a little cattle drive. Here with us the small four-legged friends have built a catapult so they arrive as fast as possible on the hill with fresh grass. The small will intervene because the sheep transport does not work without any knowledge about math! The children will operate with tinkered lines of ascending and descending numbers.

Description: Educational game for counting and learning numbers for children from 3 to 7 years old.
Age group:  from 36 months.
Language: English, German and Romanian.
Development area: numbers and physical features.


User’s Reviews

I like the game, not to mention how much my child likes it! Very nice and smart!

Very useful for children as well as other Kidsopia applications. I recommend it to all parents.


Educational, fun, original! Great, Kidsopia apps my sons favorites, also because they are available in more languages.