ABC The Alphabet Train

The ABC alphabet train in an interactive game for children between 3 and 7 years.

The free version offers access to the first 12 letters of the alphabet. If your child likes the game and wants to continue with the other letters, you can purchase them within the application.


The Archaeologist’s Carriage: Children will discover the English alphabet from the first train carriage with the help of the archaeologist Ordovicius Priscoan, a humorous character who will encourage the little ones to “dig up” new things. The Archaeologist’s Carriage is available in Romanian, English, Spanish and German.

The Robot’s Carriage: Here the small ones get to know the three robot brothers, who create shiny advertising. Together with Steambot, Dieselbot and Electrobot the children learn to write letters through fun technological processes.

The children will hardly realize that they are learning because of the great and fun animations! Tired but happy they can admire the shiny work on rooftops of popular buildings! Soon other train carriages will be added so that the little ones will have fun learning how to form words, how to discover letters in the context of a word, how to read words and thus surprise their parents by learning how to write!

Educational Advantage:
The application will help preschooler learn the followings:
•To name the letters by helping the archaeologist clean ancient artifacts
•To form the letters; they will recognize their form while working in the archeologists workshop and repairing the hystoric objects
•To recognize the letters from a wide papyrus library made by Ordovicu
Age group: from 3 years.

Language: The Archaeologist’s Carriage is available in Romanian, English, Spanish and German.

The Robot’s Carriage is available in Romanian.

Development area: language

Părerile utilizatorilor

Very useful! Thanks to this game my daughter, 6 years old, learned lowercase.
Trasca Lunna

Thanks for the great learning apps.
Ovidiu Schifirnet

Very instructive little game. We are waiting for more!
Alin Sava