Animal Farm

Arrange the animal families from large to small and reverse!
Educational advantage:

The child learns the concepts of smaller and bigger and to arrange forms from large to small and reverse.

Practical encouragement:
•Use right and logical words when you name the forms in order for the child to understand and learn them. Provide objects made out of different forms and materials. Strengthen the learned words by using them in reality: which form is similar with a CD? And the roof of a house? Can you find an object in the surrounding that looks like a square?
•Repeat the forms during daily activities in order to recognize and differentiate forms
•Build objects made out of the three forms (e.g. with carton, plastic or wood)
•Use the forms and build e.g. small trains and arrange the forms according to size

Description: Teach children the concepts of small and large.
Age group: from 24 months
Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian
Development area: numbers and physical features.


User’s Reviews

The best app for children
Raisa Ilie

Excellent. A very successful application. I highly recommend it!
Gabriel Apostol

Excellent. A very successful application. I highly recommend it!
Anusk Zeludy