Colors with Splash

We know that learning colors is a difficult thing and normally children can recognize and differentiate them at age 3. Therefore Kidsopia has created another educational app that combines fun and learning.
In the free version of the game, the children learn 9 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, violet, pink, purple, black and white). After unlocking the second part, they learn up to 30 various colors: khaki, beige, blue, indigo, grey, magenta, bordeaux, turquoise, brown, cyan blue, lilac, jade-green, sepia, fuchsia, yellow ocher, lime green, chestnut brown, mustard, cinnabar, peach color and sky blue.
Description: Educational game for colors.


Age group: from 36 months.
Language: available in English, German and Romanian.
Development area: knowing of the colors


User’s Reviews

My daughter loves to play this game! It is very educational and well done.
Daniela Moldovan

Splash, splash, boing! My grandchildren love it.
Andi Dumitrescu

Wonderful! My daughter easily learned the colors with this game. Thank you.
Alina Pavel