Gobble: Fruits and Vegetables

This is the funniest collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables!
You have the option to purchase the full version with 31 fun sorts. In the first game, the children playfully discover names of fruits and vegetables: by multiple animations and much pleasure, they will remain interested and attentive. In the second game, the small ones will have to show what they learned in the previous one, because here the hungry Gobble waits to be fed.

Attention! Gobble is picky! But one thing is clear, Gobble is not boring. You can play this game together with your daughter or son or leave your child with Gobble to play alone. We from Kidsopia have ensured in the smallest detail that the little ones spend their time constructively and secure. Have fun playing!

In the free version, the children encounter the following fruits and vegetables: apple, zucchini, apricot, pumpkin, tomato, watermelon, strawberry, potato, radish and paprika.

We hope that you like the game and help us developing our project of Kidsopia and purchase the other fruits and vegetables: pea, pear, plum, quince, peach, grape, lemon, eggplant, orange, cucumber, mushroom, carrot, pomegranate, garlic, kiwi, hot pepper, cherry, cabbage, onion, beetroot and banana.

Description: Educational games for learning fruits and vegetables.
Age group: from 36 months.

Language: Romanian, English and German.

Development area: knowing the environment


User’s Reviews

Very funny! My daughter, two and a half years old, plays with pleasure!
Daniela Moldovan

My child learned the colors easily.
cristi filote

Very cute, beautiful, with colorful characters, funny sounds and friendly voices. Although it has many elements and actions it is intuitive and easy to use even for a small child. The butterflies disappear a bit too fast though and there isn’t enough time to admire them:)
Nelia Giurescu