Monkey King’s Guises

Educational puzzle games for preschoolers? Here you can find a funny one!

A variety of puzzles with three difficulty levels, inspired by the story of the Monkey King. The child learns the connection between forms and images of adjacent parts through an interesting oriental introduction – “Path of 72 Transformations”.

Educational advantage:
The child learns to form a picture by arranging correctly the puzzle pieces.

Practical encouragement:
Suggest puzzle games with 3 to 6 big pieces, showing clear pictures and big cubes in order to solve it


Description: Puzzles with three different levels of difficulty.
Age group: from 24 months.
Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian.
Development area: Puzzle






User’s Reviews


Super. My five years old boy is amazed. We are waiting for more difficult versions.
Maita Ionut

My kid plays it often. Very interesting association game.
Razvan Cezar Berezenco

Wonderful game! Children learn quickly the different shapes. It’s well done and very attractive, we like it very much!


Valentina Cojocari