What sounds do animals make? The dog does “woof woof” The rooster makes “cock-a-doodle-doo” But the quail? And the chicken?
An educational game especially made for children between one and two years, but also suitable for children at any age. The small ones learn animal names from the countryside as well as the sounds they do.

Practical encouragement:
•Support your child to identify and name the encountered objects and creatures; play onomatopoeia games for identifying some of the animals
•Insert onomatopoeia games when reading books with animals or during moments known by the child
•Show that you understand the onomatopoeia used by him/her. Repeat the correct word so that in time the animals sounds will be replaced with the certain subjects/verbs

Description: The child learns names of different animals, their sounds and vocalization.
Age group: from 1 year.
Language: available in Romanian, German, English and Bulgarian.
Development area: identification, vocabulary, imitation, sounds, hand-mouth-coordination.


User’s Reviews

It’s educational, colorful, cheerful and appealing to children. Manages to learn them through play! I recommend it.

My daughter was very excited by the application. Our boy loves it too.

My child loves this app! It’s fun for the whole family.
Popovici Cristina