Duckling’s Puzzle

Among all children puzzle games, you will love this one!
There are fun puzzles with different levels of difficulty: the easier level with 9 pieces, puzzles with 16 pieces and more complex puzzles with 25 parts that help children exercise and practice their ability to correlate images and shapes. All of them are inspired by the Ugly Duckling story.
Practical encouragement:
Help your child. Until he/she learned to solve the puzzles, you can create own puzzles with 4, 9 or 16 pieces with a pictures glued on a carton and cut into equal parts
Description: The child learns to do puzzles with 9 to 25 pieces.
Age group:  from 24 months
Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian.
Development area: Puzzle


User’s Reviews

My daughter likes more! Super game!
Daniela Moldovan

My daughter is very happy about the game.
Stuart T

All applications from Kidsopia are super!
Cristina Postaru