Stories for kids

A collection of 25 stories with morale, adapted for children and available in 5 different collections. The first collection “Animal Stories” got inspired by the beautiful Aesop fables and those from Jean de La Fontaine, as well as from a marvellous chinese folklore story..


How children will learn and play:
•17 different colors in a coloring game
•drawing interesting extracts from the stories
•the little ones will exercise the ability to solve puzzles with diverse levels of difficulty
•the stories can be listened or read by the parents
•they will understand the connection between words and their sound, because the text will be highlighted while narrating the tales.

At this moment we have the following stories:

Animal Stories
• The Fox and the Crow
• The Ant and the Grasshopper
• The Tortoise and the Hare
• The Town Musicians of Bremen
• The Monkey King

Tales of the Brothers Grimm
• Hansel and Gretel
• The Valiant Little Tailor
• Sleeping Beauty
• Cinderella
• Hans and the Dragon

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Gigantic Whale
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Great Roc Bird
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Island of Monkeys
• Sinbad the Sailor and the Old Man of the Sea
• Sinbad the Sailor and the One-Eyed Giant

Pacala and Tandala
• The story of Tandala and his two brothers
• The Trickster Pacala, the Priest’s Servant.
• Pacala and Tandala
• The Bet with the Nobleman
• The Cemetery Thieves

The Jungle Book
• Entering the Wolf Pack
• The Thieves in the Tree Tops
• The Treasure at the Cold Lairs
• The Hunter with a Thousand Thorns
•The Red Flower

We hope that you like our stories and have fun with your little ones!


Description: A wonderful collection of stories, games, drawings and puzzles.
Age group: from 2 to 7 years.
Language: available in English, Romanian and German.
Development area: imagination, emotions, attention and vocabulary, puzzles, coloring and drawing

User’s Reviews

Very nice! I have an eight years old cousin who listens with great interest.

My daughter asks me about the stories every evening. They are good, when I lack of inspiration. Recently she has a passion for Hansel and Gretel.

Beautifully done, good sound and pleasant graphics!  Congratulations Kidsopia