The Starry Eyed Story

A wonderful interactive story.

Sometimes help comes from where you haven’t expected it at all. This is a lovely story about naivety and greed, beauty and mystery. An event, which happens every 1000 years only, puts the villagers in an unpredictable situation. The children discover a magic world filled with charm and humor, and will learn that the most beautiful things truly are always right under our noses and nobody is less worth because he or she is different. The respect for decisions, choices and believes of others can by no means depend on their understanding – maybe they see something that remains hidden to us.

Educational Advantage:

The child learns how to listen and, at the same time discovers hidden things in the story. Imagination, diverse emotions, vocabulary and attention are the main development areas.

Description: Interactive story.


Age group: from 18 months.

Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish and German.

Development area:  imagination, emotions, attention and vocabulary.


User’s Reviews

A wonderful story for kids! Gabi Nistoran

Five stars!

Petruta Pacuraru-Huizenga

Super. Its fun for everyone.

Alex Damian