Circle Triangle Square!

Shape recognition games made funny!
Educational advantage:

The child learns basic geometrical forms and practices to recognize them.

Practical encouragement:
•Use right and logical words when you name the forms for the child to understand and learn them. Provide objects made out of different forms and materials. Strengthen the learned words by using them in reality: which form is similar with a CD? And the roof of a house? Can you find an object in the surrounding that looks like a square?
•Repeat the forms during daily activities in order to recognize and differentiate forms
•Build objects made out of the three forms (e.g. with carton, plastic or wood)
•Use the forms and build e.g. small trains and arrange the forms according to size

Description: The ugly duckling and the kids learn together geometrical forms: circle, square and triangle.
Age group: from 35 months.
Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian.
Development area: recognizing forms.


User’s Reviews

Super game, my little boy loves it very much!
Viorelia Vio

Good for kids …. but it works horribly on a cheap tablet. […] Anyway, congratulations for this application, we want more Romanian applications!
Florin Vasilescu

It is educational for little ones.
Popovici Cristina