In a village on a hill some farmers are waiting excitedly and are happy about your child’s visit. Each of them has a story to tell and they surely will show your child the four seasons with love and fun. If heat or frost, the small ones learn a lot with the five fun games and a lovely story about naievity and greed, beauty and mystery.

The Starry-eyed Story

Sometimes help comes from where you haven’t expected it at all. An event, which happens every 1000 years only, puts the villagers in an unpredictable situation. The children discover a magic world filled with charm and humor, and will learn that the most beautiful things truly are always right under our noses and nobody is less worth because he or she is different. The respect for decisions, choices and believes of others can by no means depend on their understanding – maybe they see something that remains hidden to us.

The Path of the Shepherd

The children learn how plants react to the season’s changes, and get to know more about the properties of plants, flowers and fruit trees. And there is more: by discovering items that don’t fit to the seasons and the spot, the children exercise their observational skill.

The Cook’s Oven

40 sorts of fruits and vegetables are waiting to be discovered! Together with a round and joyful grandma the kids find out about the benefit of foods, and learn the names of the kitchen’s essential components: oil, vinegar, wheat flour, salt, pepper and many more. In time they will realize the connection between the element’s composition and their result.

The Blacksmith’s Workshop

Don’t believe we hammer without any sense! With the hammer in our hand, the leg on the bellows and the red iron on the anvil the children will connect the items with the relevant seasons. It doesn’t matter how small you are, because you can easily follow every step of the production process and recognize how and out of what the items are made.

The Yard of the Laundress

We don’t have to tell anyone that the laundress is a fashionable woman…the entire village knows her. What a luck that the shepherd is in love and stays from the morning to the evening in the rain, frost and heat in order to get dressed and undressed. The children will enjoy dressing him up with the right (or not right) clothes. While they learn the concepts of cold/warm, thick/thin and cool/warm, our shepherd invigorates.

The Shop of the Merchant

Do you want to sell something? Do you need something? If you believe it is easy in our village, there you’re mistaken: you have to know everything about the villagers needs depending on the seasons in order to arrange the items for weather and needs. You can’t put everything in the shop window and expect them to get sold. The merchant teaches the kids all the secrets about his job with a lot of love and a cheerful humming. Another great fact: there are no ads in our apps!

Description: A perfect app It’s a perfect app for kids.. my little girl love it all

Age group: from 2 to 6 years.
Language: available in Romanian and English.

Development area: knowing the environment


User’s Reviews

Well done.
Dora Muntean-Balog

David ionita

Super! I have waited a long time for a game like this.
Irinel Pascu