Coloring with Mowgli

Draw and discover the adventures Mowgli has experienced after he left the jungle. More than 270 templates (such as House, Sun, Flowers, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman, Telephone and many more) will help your child to participate creating a wonderful world.
The story brings Mowgli from the small indian village until Paris, over 3 continents, searching for his old friends from the jungle: Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa and the Grey Brother. Coloring with Mowgli is part of the educational project Kidsopia, the most successful project of this kind in Romania. Another great fact: there are no ads in our apps! Do you like our game? If so, give us a good rating!

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The adventures of Mowgli in the jungle of people.


Age group: from 12 months.


Language: available in Romanian, German, English.


Development area: art, drawing, coloring.


Users’ Reviews

Madalin Draghici

I like this application a lot.
Nicolle Nicolle

Nice, my kids love it.
Sabi Omer