Generals Matched

Are the objects similar or different?
Educational advantage:

The child learns to observe similarities and differences between two or more objects of the same kind.

Practical encouragement:
•Use games to establish similarities and differences among objects. Use chips, pictures, toys, books, etc.
•Choose different criteria when dividing the children into smaller groups
•Offer various materials to work with, compare and understand for what they are used for
•Get them involved in the arrangament of the objects inside of the classroom. Ask them to group different objects based on one criterion (all the big cubes in one box or all the little cars on one shelf). In the next exercises you can introduce two criteria at the same time: the red objects also made of plastic etc.
•Ask the children to bring objects by using comparisons „I would need a thicker pencil“ or „where can I find a bigger cube?“ or „Who is staying closer to the window?“

Description: Similar or different? Teach your child the concepts of similar, different and equal.
Age group: from 24 months
Language: available in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian.
Development area: comparison and memorizing


User’s Reviews

A nice game, very good!
Emil Cotfas

A nice game, very good!
Irinel Pascu

Radu Mihaiu